This burger could literally change the world.

Today, for breakfast, I tried The Impossible Burger at Crossroads Kitchen in Los Angeles. 10am is as good a time as any to eat a burger, right? Right. But this wasn’t just any burger; this was the plant-based burger that everyone can’t stop talking about. So what’s all the rage?


According to Impossible Foods, The Impossible Burger is a plant-based burger that looks, cooks, smells, and tastes like real meat. Unlike any plant-based burger on the market, Impossible Foods uses heme as their secret (or not so secret) ingredient in The Impossible Burger. Heme is what gives blood its color and releases that very distinct oh-hell-yeah-meat-is-cooking smell. Scientists at Impossible Foods were able to use heme in plant form rather than animal form to recreate this same color and smell in their plant-based burger. And let me tell you, it’s insane. Not only does the burger have the same texture as a beef burger but it also smells, tastes, and bleeds like a beef burger. I have to say, my brain exploded a little bit and at one point I thought to myself, Is this actually made from a cow? Are they just fucking with me? I definitely just ate real meat.


impossibleburger-insideIt’s very common for people to be confused as to why someone would want to eat something that tastes like meat when you they don’t actually eat meat. A lot of times people give up meat not because of the way it tastes but instead for health reasons and ethical reasons (like me). Being able to have a burger that tastes like something off of the menu at McDonald’s but doesn’t have the same detriments to my health or the wellbeing of animals and the planet is a pretty incredible thing.

For a former fast food addict like myself, this brings back a lot of memories. Nostalgia really. I ate at McDonald’s a lot growing up. I mean, a lot. Not just as a kid but even well into college and adulthood. I remember thinking, I’m an adult now! I can get a Big Mac at midnight if I want to! And that I did. So I can assure you, if anyone was to compare this burger to one from a fast food chain’s menu, I would be an impeccable candidate.


‘Murica loves it’s burgers. It is the iconic all-American meal. To give up the burger entirely is not something I think will ever happen, but to have a replacement option that is so insanely similar could spark the curiosity that is needed for us to be able to make modifications to our current food model. Why do we need to make modifications? That’s an entire other blog post. For now just think about this: It takes roughly 660 gallons of water to make a quarter pounder. SIX HUNDRED AND SIXTY GALLONS FOR ONE TINY LITTLE BURGER. That makes me thirsty just thinking about it.