Megan Marlow, Vegan Private Chef in Los Angeles

Plant-based chef, healthy lifestyle advocate, and food fanatic

Hi! I’m Megan (or Marlow as some like to call me). I’m a plant-based chef, healthy lifestyle advocate, and food fanatic. After spending several years diving deep into the world of plant-based nutrition and figuring out which foods boost my performance in life and fitness, I decided it was time to share what I’ve learned along the way. I’ve found that living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean compromising gratification. It’s exciting to know now that the things we eat can be enjoyable and delicious while still providing us with all of the nutrients we need for optimal health.

I’ve found that living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean compromising gratification.

I haven’t always been this passionate about health and taking care of myself. I learned very little about nutrition as a kid and developed some pretty poor eating habits. Most of my childhood and young adult life was spent overweight, addicted to food, and living an unhealthy lifestyle. After countless times of overindulging and paying for it afterwards, I reached a breaking point. I realized that eating my typical comfort foods was more of a quick fix and less of a long lasting type of satisfaction. I wanted to feel better, mentally and physically, so I started running and I didn’t stop. Running gave me the same sense of euphoria that a bag of chips once gave me and it opened up a whole new world of fitness and healthy eating.

Megan Marlow, sports nutrition chef in Los Angeles, CA

I spent a lot of time training for races, eating different types of food, and getting in shape but there came a point when I felt like I wasn’t progressing. I felt sluggish, unmotivated to train, and frustrated. There is nothing that feels more defeating than working your ass off and plateauing, I can tell you that much! It wasn’t until I began experimenting with a plant-based lifestyle that everything ramped up again for me. Being able to understand what my body really needed and how it could acquire these things from plant-based foods was eye opening and completely improved my performance in fitness and life.

Plants are no doubt one of our greatest gifts. They are vibrant, packed with a wide spectrum of micro and macronutrients, and are incredibly versatile. Eating a plant-based diet has continued to give me an overwhelming sense of satisfaction daily along with helping to diminish my unhealthy cravings and the urge to overeat.

My goal is to make living a plant-based lifestyle a little easier for everyone. Sharing what I’ve learned during my own journey is something I’m truly passionate about and I believe that enhancing ones life through food is attainable for everyone. Eating should be an enjoyable thing! It should also make you feel like a rockstar.